Friday, May 31, 2013

The Day at the Waterpark

May I share a secret? I really don't enjoy water parks or swimming or things of the like.  Especially when it's just you and a crowd of smallish children you are trying to keep an eye on. But when we lived in Florida I came to appreciate how tired swimming can make small children.  I would take the older boys swimming almost every single day for a bit over an hour before naptime. This promised me the chance to lay down and nap myself because those boys would just crash. Which is a pregnant mom's dream and I was pretty much always pregnant or toting around a newbie and in need of a nap.

We typically avoid the larger scale waterparks for many reasons.  They are way too expensive for one.  You can't easily keep an eye on all the kids for another.  Way too many people who seemed to have left half their swimming attire at home for a third. But ever since Grandpa and Grandma treated the family to a trip to Great Wolf Lodge a few years ago, the kids have had a love affair with the places. My compromise is a small local indoor waterpark that caters to the 12 and under crowd.  When I say small, it is possible to pick the right seat and be able to see just about all the action without moving.  It is truly small enough that I would be comfortable taking all of the kids just by myself without another adult. If you plan properly, you can get tickets as cheaply as $8 a day for 4 1/2 hours of swimming.  We missed those tickets by a week and paid just a tad more but I can't complain. The kids had a blast and slept well. In fact the house is still quiet this morning because half of them are still asleep.

I promise that Sean was with us but I apparently failed to get a picture of him that was both in focus and did not cut his head off. I'll have to do better next time.

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