Monday, August 20, 2018

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten Birthday Box

Do you have a preschooler in your house who is just dying to jump into school like the big kids? Or are you just looking for fun and easy projects to do with your preschooler that require zero prep time on your part? The Get Ready 4 Kindergarten Activity Boxes are the answer to either problem.

These activity boxes are designed to help little ones get ready for kindergarten while providing a guided program for parents that incorporates literature, crafts, games, and more.  We received the Birthday Box to review with our 3 toddlers.
Our box focused on shapes. Included in the box were two craft projects, plastic shape tiles with pictures the child could attempt to copy, an Eric Carle book, and shape related flash cards for the child to match with the designated shapes.
The plastic shapes and book were the hands down favorites of the kiddos.  One of the pictures they were asked to copy was of a caterpillar. We are currently watching a bunch of caterpillars at home and waiting for them to turn into butterflies so this was an instant favorite for Seamus.
The book arrived wrapped like a birthday present. Instant bonus. What kid doesn't like opening presents?

The craft projects included in the kit were making bird feeders and writing a thank you note. Nothing fancy or out of this world BUT every single item for the projects were included in a single bag per project. No chasing down glue or paper or anything. It is all right there at your finger tips. This is simply wonderful. This means you can open the box and go or hand a project off to an older sibling without worrying about them needing anything.

Seamus, Charlie, and Kolbe all loved the box and playing with it. I recommend this resource to any parent who is looking for an easy way to add some fun to their school time with their toddlers.

I received a free activity box in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was received.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Planting the Seeds of Faith

Every year about this time, I find myself searching for some inspiration to carry me through yet another homeschool year. Let's be honest here. Homeschooling our brood is a bit of a challenge.  Even if I feel that it is the absolute best option for our family, I still sometimes go kicking and screaming into the next school year.

This year I read Planting the Seeds of Faith. This short book contains a collection of articles by 10 homeschooling supporters. Some are long time homeschooling parents, others are priests who strongly support Catholic homeschooling as a way of providing an authentic Catholic education today.

Although every single chapter had something to offer, I have to admit I got the most out of the first chapter written by Mary Ellen Barrett. I heard her speak on a similar topic at a homeschooling conference a few years ago and found her thoughts in this book to be incredibly moving and inspiring.

I'm still looking for another book or two to read so please give me your favorite resources for homeschool inspiration.