Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gabe's First Karate Class

Gabe had his first karate class today. He was very excited. Very wired. Very much bouncing off the walls. Literally.  Then a wave master landed on his foot and Sensei did not take his complaints seriously when he said he got hurt and, well, that kind of ruined the day. (Have I mentioned I have a few slight issues with this Sensei? Like his blatant favoritism and inability to relate to small children while also constantly complaining to his older classes about his younger students?)
Anyway, by the end of class Gabe seemed to be a bit happier and was again excited when we were home so I'm hoping next week will go better. Here's hoping. And for those counting, this makes 7 kids in karate class.  And, yes, that was my two-year-old doing karate in the middle of Mass last weekend.  Trust me, it's cuter at home when the venue is more appropriate.

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