Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Farm Tour

I don't think my kids were too terribly excited because they've been spending so much time there already, but our Frontier Girls troop took a field trip to our local family friendly family run farm type place.
It had been threatening to rain on and off all day so I wasn't sure if the trip was going to happen or not but in the end the rain held off on our end of town until right at the end of the meeting. So we got to see the hoop house and the fields and plant some veggies.

Everyone got a view of what small scale family run farming looks like and I think several of the moms left a wee bit inspired.  I know my trips out there last year usually left me feeling like we were just totally lazy and not doing enough with our own little plot of land because truthfully 5 acres really is enough for us to be fairly self sufficient if we planned and used the land properly.  I keep saying that next year we will do more and each next year rolls around and we aren't quite doing more. Yes, we suck.  Heck, we can't even figure out what is carrying off our chickens. WE started with 27 and seem to be down to 19. No bodies have been found but we think when the kids keep locking each other in the barn and the locked in kid crawls out through the chicken wire and "forgets" to fix it, something else gets in and steals a chicken or two.  Yes, it's annoying since we truly do need 24 birds if we want enough birds to sell the extra eggs to cover the cost of the feed. But the kids don't seem to understand that concept. Or understand that you don't climb fruit trees if you actually want fruit out of them. Or trample the asparagus patch or tromp in the garden killing the newly planted veggies. Or mess with the sheep pen so that the sheep can escape. Yup, it's been fun.

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