Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Umbert the Unborn - A Womb With a View

If you read many of the popular Catholic newspapers and magazines, you have probably stumbled upon a little comic strip by Gary Cangemi.  This comic showcases the life of Umbert, an adorable little babe still residing in the best digs ever: his mother's womb.  I've enjoyed reading the comic when I've seen it so I was happy to see that a collection was available in book form.

Inside this book, you find not only a wonderful selection of comics but also on every page you'll find little snippets of random pregnancy related facts.  Some explain fetal development, others are concerning abortion facts, and some are just interesting pregnancy related quotes from various sources (I saw one from Mel Gibson and one relating to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey"). Although certainly politically relevant, the overall tone of these comics is light-hearted and enjoyable.

What is the best thing I can say about this book? Shortly after it arrived, it went missing in the house.  After days of looking, I still could not find it. It eventually surfaced in the basement bedroom where the teen boys had taken it to read.  I don't know about your kids, but finding anything in the basement bedroom often requires an excavation team so I'm not surprised I couldn't find it.  And I was thrilled that the boys liked the book enough to claim it as their own.

Umbert the Unborn passes muster as a family friendly delightful book for some light hearted enjoyment and occasional fact pondering.  Just maybe we should start a campaign to leave these books behind in places where folks congregate who need to rethink their stance on all things in the realm of the unborn child.  I truly believe a book of this nature has the power to change at least a few hearts.

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