Friday, May 3, 2013

The Girls' Book Club

The first Thursday of the month means the American Girl book club is meeting at the local library.  I put off taking the girls to this event for quite some time. But they each received American Girl dolls as gifts fairly recently and have started reading the books so I succumbed and started taking them.

The ladies who run this group usually do a great job of coming up with activities and even dressing up as the title characters in the books.  Sometimes they get more girls than expected and it's hard to keep everyone involved but the girls have enjoyed attending for the most part.  I think they look forward to a little girl time away from all of their brothers.
This month the book covered was Happy Birthday Felicity and each of the girls received a hand knit gift from the Chili Senior Center Chain Gang club for their dolls.  Katie and Abby each ended up with pink blankets, just the right size for their dolls.  I have to say I saw quite a few happy girls leaving the book club this month.

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Dirtdartwife said...

really cool! I should look for something like that for my middle girls. Our oldest is a bit too old for stuff like that now.