Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kids' Workshop at Home Depot

The weather was awesome and everyone was feeling well so I took 3 of the middle kids to the workshop at Home Depot this morning.  They made Valentine Holders or personal mailboxes today.  The store was even nice enough to provide wooden footballs for the boys who might not want a heart on the front of their project so Liam choose to put one of those on his instead of the heart.
For some reason there were mostly fathers at the workshop this morning.  This meant I saw many more kids doing the actual painting and hammering themselves.  Yes, it amuses me when we go to an event like this and you look around you to see a bunch of adults putting the projects together while the kids stand around bored while they watch their parents do the work for them.  Truly sad sight I have to say.
I'm still working on teaching Abby to pay attention as she swings the hammer.  She can't quite seem to understand that if you want the nails to go in easily, you do actually have to pay attention and look at what you are doing rather than look around you at the other folks.  Especially if you are swinging a hammer.  Especially if you are swinging that hammer towards your mother's fingers as she is holding a nail for you.  Ahem.

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