Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: Courageous Faith

The story of one of our newest saints is told in the book Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: Courageous Faith. This book is the latest installment in the Encounter the Saints Series which is written for children in the 8 to 12-year-old range.

The story of Kateri Tekakwitha is shared in this book starting from her birth and ending with her death at age twenty-four.  You learn of the early hardships faced by Kateri when her entire family died in a smallpox epidemic, her struggles to hide her faith from her tribe, and the constant mistreatment she suffered at the hands of her relatives once she declared her Christian faith publicly. You travel with her as she secretly escapes her village to live in safety with those who share her beliefs.

This story is told in a way which engages a young reader without being so intense as to go over their heads.  By sharing Kateri's struggles and faith, you are challenged to live your own faith more completely.

I love this series includes a glossary of unfamiliar terms in the back of the book. I know my own children are often reluctant to admit when they have stumbled upon a new word in a book. Having the glossary right at their finger tips will allow them to look up the new words without having to ask for help. I was also happy to see the Native American names used in the story sounded out phonetically the first time they appeared in the story.  The names were pronounced much differently than I would have guessed.

Overall I found Saint Kateri Tekakwitha:  Couragous Faith to be an enjoyable story that I am looking forward to sharing with my middle children.

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