Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Belated Christmas Pictures

Yes, I just pulled the Christmas pictures off the camera.  Yes, I realize it is February.  Yes, I realize in some parts of the civilized world that will win me some award as a neglectful parent.  Yes, I can live with that.

Proof that the kids decorated the tree. 

The hands down favorite present of the year. No, not the DS. The hat.

The aftermath.

Loading some new songs on itunes for the new Ipod.

Enjoying new Christmas jammies.

 I honestly did not take many pictures this year.  I decided to focus instead on trying to just be with the kids rather than take a bunch of pictures.  And I was in a wee bit of a funk this year for many reasons.  Very few of our normal traditions happened because the boys absolutely insisted they had to serve at Christmas Mass which meant the only available spots left were midnight Mass.  I was not about to take the little ones to Midnight Mass so I took the middle kids to a family Mass at a local parish. I was reminded why Christmas never felt like a religious day to me growing up.  It's awfully hard to get any meaning out of those jam packed crazy insane afternoon family Masses that are so packed with people that you can't see a darn thing, hear a darn thing, and are so far away from the actual Mass that everyone is simply socializing.  It truly did not at all feel like we were at Mass, merely like we were just checking the box in some obligation in an attempt to move onto the fun stuff.  Exactly the way it felt when I was younger.  I understand the concept behind family Masses and I'm thrilled to see so many visitors on holidays in church, God Bless them.  But next year we'll go back to going to Mass on Christmas morning.  Without the rush and the noise. It just did not feel the same this year at all. Yes, someone was missing and doing without all of our normal family traditions this year just made that absence harder to take I think.
The making of the gingerbread Home Depot.
Dr. Jones, I presume.

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