Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ellie's Sled

Ellie's Godparents gave her an awesome sled for Christmas this year.  Everyday that we had snow, the older kids begged to take her outside and pull her around the yard.  Usually Ellie was dressed before the older kids were because she just loves being out in the snow.  I know she does not look terribly excited in these pictures but just trust me when I say she loves being outside in her sled. Now we seriously need snow again because the sleds, cross country skis, and snow shoes are languishing in the garage and that is just a sad state of affairs.
Don't you just love the boot that is half off?

And the mismatched gloves?

This is where we push our little sister down the hill and leave her to fend for herself.

Trust me. She's enjoying this more than you'd think based on that face.

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