Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seven Bicycle Helmets

For some crazy insane reason our children always seem to "forget" to put their helmets away.  Ok, I know the reason. They are children.  But the helmets than get knocked around and beat up and broken.  And you are supposed to replace them every few years anyway since the padding can break down simply from daily wear and tear.
So today I bought a new batch of bicycle helmets.  $80 later and I still need to get one for Robert but they only had one red helmet in the toddler size. I refuse to buy a pink one for my boys and I refuse to spend $25 on a bike helmet for a 2-year-old to use most around the yard when I can get another $10 one next week.  Now we'll have enough for our kids and a few extras for friends when they are over so it will be much easier to enforce the house rule of "no helmet, no bike."

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