Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Robert

Birthday season was officially kicked off around here with Robert's 2nd birthday today.  The poor boy is feeling rather sick and miserable and probably would have been quite happy if we had postponed things until he was feeling better but his older siblings decided putting off the cake would be an absolute travesty.  In other words, they'd been counting on dessert tonight and it would happen no matter what.  The joys of being two, you don't really care or have a clue when other people make these decisions about your birthday.

Chocolate cake was enjoyed by all and then the boy opened a couple presents.  One of these years we will figure out how to get the other children to leave the birthday child alone so they can actually play with their presents in peace and quiet for a bit.  Anyway, the little dude is officially two now.  Happy birthday buddy.

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Mary said...

Happy Birthday!!