Monday, March 14, 2011

Lego Creationary

I've had this game on my wish list for the kids for quite a while.  I just kept finding reasons to tell myself it was not worth buying or too expensive.  This weekend I went shopping alone and decided to buy it for the kids anyway.  Seems I'm much more likely to splurge on the kids if they aren't with me.  Probably because I have time to think a bit and relax.  Anyway, I'm glad I finally bought the game.
This game is basically pictionary with Legos.  It has 3 different levels to choose from and honestly gives you some pretty darn challenging figures to try to build.
The best part of this game for me is that children of many different ages/abilities can play together quite easily meaning it is the perfect game for a large family.
Judging by the number of times I have been asked if they can play the game again today, I think the kids enjoyed it, too.