Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nerf Party

We won a Rebelle Nerf Party from the folks at HouseParty. The party pack we received came complete with lots of new Nerf guns, tattoos, bracelets, and coupons. We invited some friends over and had a blast.
 All the loot. I have to say that even though the new toys were lots of fun, I'm not so thrilled that Nerf has bought into the entire girl power, everything  must be pink and purple to inspire girl routine.  It bothers me when anyone acts as if girls are too stupid to like themselves without all of this "girls are awesome" garbage.  Yes, girls are awesome but so are boys and my favorite part of Nerf had always been that it was pretty much gender neutral.

We took the chance to celebrate Robert's birthday while we had a house full of friends. We'd put it off waiting for the entire family to get healthy. Robert loved the extra attention.

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