Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beyond Bricks

One of the places we visited while on vacation was Beyond Bricks. This place is basically just a giant play space with nothing but LEGOs to play with. Which is frankly just totally cool.

At first, the older kids acted like we were slightly crazy for bringing them there but before long they were building up a storm.  For some reason they got on a Star Trek kick and started building Borg cubes and ships and such things.  Yes, they are weird.

Ellie managed to build this tower all by herself. Over her head and everything. She was so very proud of herself.

It turned out that poor Gabe was sick. We didn't realize it until we got there and he just curled up in a chair and feel asleep. I do feel badly that he missed out on the fun since he would have enjoyed it and I feel bad for not realizing the kids was sick but no one else was there to catch his germs at least.

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