Sunday, April 13, 2014

Air and Space Museum

The kids requested a repeat visit to the Air and Space museum this year while on vacation.  This year I remembered to bring our current science museum membership card so we got in free which is always awesome. Granted, the guy at the admissions desk was a total dork. Seriously, don't tell a customer that they have too many kids even if you do think you are being funny. Because you are not. Trust me. (And yes, I do realize we were near many of our friends and family but we had sick kids almost every single day we were there so there would have been no way to fit in visits without getting someone sick.)

Alan and the older kids loved the museum and seeing all of the different planes and things.  Gabe kind of freaks out around open stairs and things so he refused to go up to the third floor so I took the younger 3 and hung out in the snack bar and gift shop until the rest of the family was done.

This museum is very awesome but I think it's the kind of place that would be better explored by Alan and the older kids alone simply because there wasn't too much to entertain the younger ones and so much that the older ones wanted to explore.

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