Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Pictures

We have no pictures of the kids dressed for church this year but we do have the egg hunt pictures.  I think the kids all had fun and too much candy.  Then they found the leftover candy hidden upstairs and raided it all the next few days. And blamed it all on Ellie. Yup. Because we will believe that Ellie managed to eat 3 bags of candy and 6 marshmallow bunnies all by herself without getting so sick that she threw up.  Sounds entirely plausible to me.

The total tally of eggs hidden this year for our crew was 144. And I think they have broken or smashed to bits at least 2 dozen of those eggs already. Because the younger children just don't seem to understand that I really prefer to NOT have to buy new plastic Easter eggs every year for the egg hunt.  Perhaps one year we'll have to actually invite another family to join us. I be that could easily push us over into the 200 egg range or more.
These guys had to be relocated before the eggs could be hidden.

The tree that suddenly grew eggs.

This is only part of the front yard and the reason we never worry about running out of room to hide the eggs.

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Jeff Hite said...

Note that we caught two more snakes today. I suspect there are more of them in that area and that we just need to get them all cleared out.