Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Liam!

Today Liam turned 10.  This a big milestone. Not only do you hit double digits, you get an allowance (and a few more chores) and an ID card (once your parents take care of it).

His birthday started with the end of the boys' campout. In other words, he woke up totally soaked.  It's been raining a wee little bit.  We would have gone out to get his birthday gift but instead Dad required a visit to urgent care so we'll take care of that tomorrow after his birthday lunch out.  Granted, he has been kept totally happy with the box full of duct tape he got from his Grandparents and a LEGO game from his cousins.  He was even nice enough to share. Katie made a cake for him, Ellie tried to eat half of it, and Sean covered the damage with orange frosting.  Yup, it's been a typical birthday around here.

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