Friday, June 21, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Ok, not really because we went to our local zoo so they don't really have so many animals.  Lion, yes. Tigers, no. And the bears were no where to be seen today.  But when Alan got to work yesterday he discovered that he actually had that day and the next day off. He just sort of forgot. So he stayed at work on Thursday and then took today off.  Alan had all sorts of plans for the day that mostly involved farm related work but I suggested that we take the kids to the zoo instead.  So we loaded them up, got most of the way there, and blew a tire.  On the van. After about an hour and having a child stand on the  tire iron to see if the bolts would loosen (nope, but Alan did get hit in the leg) and some help from a few local folks, we finally got the tire changed.  About 5 minutes after I'd called the roadside assistance folks to come do it.  Now if I'd been alone, that would have been the first call I made because even though I know how to change a tire and can do so, changing the tires on the van involve a bit more work than normal and that's kind of what we pay for the roadside assistance for in the first place. So now instead of just needing 2 new tires on the van, we likely will end up having to replace all 4 because, of course, it wasn't one of the older ones that got hit with a nail.
So we finally made it to the zoo and everyone had a great time. There are lots of baby animals who have just been born. Very cute little things.

This was our first zoo trip without a stroller. Very odd for me.  Ellie absolutely enjoyed herself and the older kids were wonderful with her. I think the only complaint the kids had was that I refused to buy food at the zoo. Because I'm just so mean.

  I love that our local zoo is small enough to get through in 2 hours and yet keeps growing enough to have new things to enjoy. Of course, I would be rather annoyed if we actually paid a daily admission rate when we wee visiting the area because it is rather small (comparing it the zoo in Tampa). But I guess the benefit of the membership is you can go for a few hours and then come back another day and not worry. And for a family of 11 the membership is cheaper than one days admission anyway.

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