Monday, July 1, 2013

Boys' Campout

Our backyard father/son campout was decided wet. And rainy. And muddy. And a ton of fun from what I can tell.  One family did suffer from a leaky tent and bugged out in the middle of the night but I can't blame them. I will admit that part way through the night I was half tempted to put a sign on the back door directing the boys to go pee in the woods because of the constant wet foot traffic in and out of the house. I think they were just trying to get warm for a few minutes because last year the only child who ever ventured indoors was the one who got injured. I do remember thinking to myself "but you are a bunch of boys and part of the joy of being a boy is being able to pee outside so please go do so" but I kept those thoughts to myself. Until now. Because I'm nice like that.

Given the wet nature of the night, our pictures came out less than perfect but here are a few anyway. Everyone actually enjoyed themselves and Fr. asked us to invite him back next year so we can officially assume the campout will be scheduled next summer again.  Just hoping for less rain.

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