Thursday, December 20, 2012

Karate Class

I've decided that I totally suck at trying to get pictures while the children are moving.  Yes, there is a setting on my camera to make it easier.  Yes, I always forget to take the time to switch over to it.  Yes, perhaps that is a sign that I am a tad lazy and complicating matters more than I need to on a regular basis.  And yes, it means way too many pictures end up out of focus. Sigh.

Anyway, half the class was unable to attend karate this afternoon so I thought I would take the chance with fewer kids in the way to grab a few pictures.  Just the middle kids since the older two are in the adult class. Please ignore the slightly goofy karate instructor.  I swear some days he's worse than the kids in the class but perhaps that is why they seem to click with him so well.

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