Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ice Skating

We headed to Batavia today to meet up with some friends and go ice skating.  The rink has open skating in the middle of the day when most folks are in school or at work. This translates to a mostly empty rink.  Which is the perfect venue for a bunch of kids who are learning (and falling).  Since I was hanging out with the younger two, the pictures are wee bit blurry at times and not so close.  It's a bit hard to get decent pictures when you are not near the action but I did try.

 Gabe did an awesome job. He actually stayed out on the ice for most of the time we were there and even let go of the wall.  His oldest brother spent a decent amount of time helping to haul Gabe back off the ice and onto his feet.  I have to say Bryan did a wonderful job of willingly helping Gabe try to figure things out.

Abby spent the first few laps around the rink using the wall for support but then she let go and took off a bit.

I know the kids would love to do this on a regular basis and I truly wish we could because everyone has a great time and comes home just a wee bit tired.

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Dirtdartwife said...

My kids LOVED to go ice skating at our rink when we lived in NC. It was great and they even had "homeschool Friday" which made it fun because it was a bunch of us homeschooled families.