Friday, December 14, 2012

Cookie Decorating Party

Alan and I will admit that we are not quite up to trying to do everything we normally do for Advent and Christmas this year.  I did not make an Advent calendar and even failed to buy the chocolate ones at the store.  The nativity sets are not out (although I'm not sure where we would put them anymore).  Most of the feast days have not been celebrated. I really doubt any cards will go out this year and the few adults we do usually send gifts to won't be getting anything this year.  It's just not where we are at the moment.  And yet there is a need to try to keep things a tad normal or fun for the kids. So we invited some folks over today for a cookie decorating party.  Translation: we just came up with an excuse to have some friends over.  Cookies, lunch, playing outside, and a house full of friends who just came to spend time together.  Something we really need to do more often.  And, yes, I did totally lose count of how many cookies were eaten and watched a few little ones dump entire bottles of sprinkles on top of their cookies.  But it's all fair in love and sugar, right?

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