Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Ellie turns 2 today.  Currently several of her siblings are arguing over who will get to make her birthday cake.  This pretty much illustrates exactly what her role is around here. She's the one everyone wants to spoil and take care of and fight over.  Right now I am currently fighting a battle with her older siblings trying to convince them that it is not necessary to spoil her so darn much.  As cute as she is, I can see the attitude becoming an issue if it is not reigned in soon.

I can safely say that Ellie loves her baby dolls.  She is often seen carrying one or two of them around the house.  She still seems to think that the diapers somehow go on the dolls' heads but we're working on that one.

She also loves her brother Robert.  I've watched her climb into his lap and just walk up to him and hug him. The two of them rather remind me of Katie and Liam at the same age.  Which just slightly worries me.

Her favorite book is Wrapping Paper Romp and she will ask you to read it over and over and over again.  The other day she brought the book to Gabe to read to her.  Gabe did his best considering he has not yet mastered reading.  He told her he would read it to her silently.  After flipping through the pages, he handed the book back and informed her he was done.  Ellie was not amused and looked at the boy like he had two heads. Clearly he did not understand the read to me request.

I will admit that I consider Ellie's happy temperament and laid back personality to be the result of having so many wonderful siblings around.  To be completely honest, I have spent most of the past two years being slightly or not so slightly emotionally burned out.  About the time she was born, I was still dealing with a wee bit of a mental breakdown due to life and family.  Once I finally started getting back on my feet we were knocked over by a miscarriage and then the pregnancy.  But luckily for Ellie, when Mom was not available to pick her up and carry her around and dote on her, she always had a sibling standing by who was more than willing to rock her to sleep and toss her in a baby carrier and spoil her slightly rotten.  She may not have always had a parent taking care of her but she has always had more than enough love and care.  We've found ourselves pointing out to the older boys that she likely views them as another adult type person in her life.  Yes, Mom and Dad are special but those big boys get just as many hugs and smiles and she runs to hang on them when they come home.  I hope they all realize what a special relationship they have together.

Anyway, happy birthday to Miss Ellie.  You truly hold a special place in our family.

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