Sunday, January 16, 2011

An American Knight

If you are looking for a book to remind your children what real character is, I suggest you get a copy of the book An American Knight.  This book tells the story of USMC Col. John W. Ripley, a man of tremendous strength.  This book shows Ripley to be a real life person, living a life full of the same struggles and antics many people can relate to.  The big difference is how his struggles are handled and how they are allowed to impact his life.  Honor and respect are considered qualities to be proud of and to encourage rather than something to shy away from and ignore.  This book needs to be placed into the hands of today's young men, those boys who will become tomorrows fathers.

Faith, courage and respect are words our youth rarely hear in society today.  If we hope to turn the tide back towards a moral society, our youth need to see these words presented in a positive light again.  Get a copy of this book today and share it with a young person in your life.

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