Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

The shoes were all laid out excitedly last night.  The row is getting longer and longer. 
For some reason the older children decided Ellie needed to borrow a pair of shoes to put out as well.  I think they were hoping they could split her share of the chocolate.  Everyone was thrilled to find the shoes full this morning but not so happy when Dad said they actually had to eat breakfast first.  Yup, he's a bit stricter about these things than I tend to be and well, he was around this year so they had to follow his rules.

We often watch the CCC video about St. Nicholas on this feast day but for some reason have not gotten around to it today.  Perhaps we'll watch it tomorrow.  If you are looking for some history and coloring sheets and activities to help celebrate St. Nicholas Day, check out the website run by the St. Nicholas Center.

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