Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures

Around here the tree does not get decorated until Christmas Eve.  Then the kids open their present with new pj's.  We attend Mass on Christmas morning so we can avoid the sheer chaos that is often Christmas Eve Mass plus we can easily find a seat for the entire family in the morning without having to arrive 30 minutes early.  Makes for much happier parents.  As usual, we have no pictures from Christmas day because we were much too busy but here are a few from the night before if you are interested.

Look, it's Alan's snowman.  I love that we have a few ornaments from when Alan little.  Heck, they were the only ones we had our first Christmas together since there was no money in the budget to buy anything at all that year.  Yup, the tree looked rather pathetic that first year. I hope to be able to send our kids off with a small box of their own ornaments when they start their families.  Just a little something to hopefully remind them of these days of chaos and not being able to see the floor through all the paper.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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