Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Pennance

Katie and Liam had their first confession today.  There is something reassuring when you witness that childish innocence of kids coming out of the confessional skipping and happy.  I have to wonder where in our lives we loose that sense of security that all is right with the world and our lives now that we've been to confession.  And seriously, wish I had a camera to catch Liam for that 5 seconds where he was totally still, kneeling and praying his penance. Didn't last long before he was back to making paper airplanes out of the program.  Seriously that child never stops moving. 

While trying to convince the parents to go to confession as well, Father said something along the lines of "the kids like to go to the priest they know, the adults like to go to the priest they don't know."  Again, just wondering when we make these changes in our minds.  I think it is a mystery that will never be solved.

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