Thursday, December 16, 2010

Read Aloud Math Books

I love finding somewhat non-traditional ways to get some school time in. We love books on tape, puzzles, educational games, movies, art projects, file folder games and the like. When it comes to math, I have a couple of kids who simply are not math oriented thinkers. This has caused me many hours of frustrating and banging my head against the wall. Ok, maybe not literally but it sure seems like it some days. So we now use Teaching Textbooks and The Life of Fred math books and lots of manipulatives when needed. But something we also use for the younger kids are read aloud books. A great way to sneak in those math concepts and help the kids understand them. Nothing better than reading a funny book with Dad who seems to make the books even funnier. And nothing better for me than listening to him read the books while he tries to keep a straight face through some of the more trying jokes.

Our current favorite series of math read alouds are from Charlesbridge Publishing. I love the Sir Cumference books and hope to collect more of this series. The kids are learning all sorts of geometry ideas while reading books before bed. What could be better than that?

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