Tuesday, October 15, 2013


No, not the Boy Scout kind. Although if you'd like to buy any of that, I have 3
boys who would just love to take your order. The real kind, growing in fields. Not sure if we picked enough so I might take a few kids back tomorrow to get a bit more.

I've learned many things about my kids this year.
One is that they know much more about where their food actually comes from than I ever did. Another is that for the most part, I have a crew of very hard workers.  There are a couple of kids who like to go hide or mope or pout anytime they are asked to do any work, ever. But we're working on them.

I did try to get pictures of the older boys but they were rather elusive among the corn.

Now the corn must be allowed to dry for a week or two before we remove it from the cobs. Yes, you can leave it on but since we usually use an air popper, that just won't work for us.

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