Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fire Safety at Home Depot

October is fire safety month so it's fairly easy to find free stuff at the fire stations.  This is also the month when the Home Depot kids' workshop turns into a fire safety workshop. This month there was a fire truck for the kids to explore, several police cars for the kids to climb in (Liam pointed out that the criminals ride in the back behind the screen and found the weapons hanging up behind the front seat), free LEGO kits, hats, pencils, stickers, snacks, a raffle, and a fire plane to build.
The sirens on the police car kept going off in the store, the sirens on the fire truck kept going off outside the store.  It was kiddie heaven. While holding a nail for Gabe at one point he tells me as serious as can be "I'll try not to hurt you, Mom."  Good thinking, kid.  Of course, I forgot my camera but thank you to the Gates police and fire departments for coming out and letting the kids play. They had a blast.

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