Friday, July 5, 2013

Cherry Picking

I took 7 of the kids with me today to pick cherries. 18 lbs of cherries. And I'm kind of worried that if I don't get them processed soon, there won't be enough left to do anything with. Ask me how I know.  Ask me what happened to all the strawberries we brought home. Some 25 pounds or so of strawberries I think it was and I only got 1 batch of jam out of it because the kids devoured them. Seriously. I had to go to Wegmans to stock up on more to make a second batch. Then I had to go to Aldi's to get more strawberries so that I could REALLY make that second batch.  I swear I am raising a pack of locusts.

Ellie and Robert I do believe pretty much ate their weight in cherries.  The guy did say we could sample them but I seriously doubt he meant make a meal out of them.  Then we went to McDonald's for free ice cream cones because that is how I feed my kids: cherries and ice cream sounds like the perfect lunch to me.
When Liam wasn't hanging from the trees, he was giving Abby and Gabe rides on his shoulders so they could reach the cherries themselves.  Awfully nice of him, don't you think?  My one issue from the morning was seeing the number of people who refused to follow the signs and the rules.  When the sign says pick in this row only, that is truly what they mean. The other cherries are either not ready yet or set aside for something else. I'm not quite sure why this is such a hard rule to follow or why adults think if you show your kids that they don't have to obey the posted rules, that it's ok.

This is the farm Bryan will be working at for part of the summer so I have a feeling at least part of the family will be spending more time there. And we'll be back in the fall to get our yearly haul of apples as well. Love the place because it is so family friendly and the staff is amazing.

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