Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yorktown Pictures

Another stop we made on our trip was a visit to the Yorktown Battlefield. It was a somewhat cold and windy day and for some reason half of our kids decided to leave their coats in the van. Don't ask. I don't understand.  So although we attempted to take the guided tour through the town, part way through we had to turn back so that we could fetch coats out of the van for the children.  We then did some exploring on our own.  The old battlefields often amaze me simply in terms of how much was accomplished using so little.  This one was no exception.

The obligatory picture of the kids gathered around a canon.  Don't know about your parents, but mine took quite a few pictures like this.

Gabe insisted on reading the map for us. Never mind that it was often upside down and that walking while map reading are a bit hard for a small child to manage simultaneously.

One of the man made redoubts.

Aboard one of the ships.

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