Monday, March 25, 2013

Maple Syrup Festival

The past two weekends have found Bryan volunteering at GCVM for the Maple Syrup Festival.  Yesterday we took the rest of the crew out to see it as well. It's one of those events that you can either spend tons of time taking in or be in and out very quickly.  One of those things I like to try to do with the kids every year when possible or at least with a few of the kids every year.  That way I get to see how the kids are remembering and learning. The questions they were asking this year pretty clearly showed they were ready to hear more than just the basic information.  And knowing that we can always come back again next year means I don't feel guilty leaving when the younger kids are clearly worn out.
Bryan's costume

Drilling a hole for the tap.

He had to taste the sap coming out of the tree.

Working in the sugar shack.

We also learned about traditional ways of using chocolate.

And watched a lady making candles.

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