Saturday, July 26, 2014

Large Family Mothering

There are certain things no one could ever truly explain to you as you jump onto the wagon of large family living. Perhaps in many cases now, it is because there was no one in our lives who was living like we have chosen to. No one ever told me that I would be juggling potty training with driver's tests, OB appointments with the contractors who need to come rip out our kitchen ceiling (and living room and playroom ceiling and the floors upstairs). And yet, as we let go of the expectations and forget every trying to keep up with the proverbial Jones's, I think we are finding more joy than we imagined.

From the seven-year-old dancing around the house singing about wearing his new shirt and the girls who seem to think the best activity with their friends right now is to go out back and eat raspberries straight from the bushes, I hope the kids are enjoying a slightly more simple life than I see many others embracing. As my teenagers seem for the most part to simply accept that there is no place or need for the typical rudeness and jerkiness seen in many of their peers and simply step up and help when asked, I hope they also realize how much of a blessing it is to have younger siblings who come running to the door to hug them when they get home.

While according to the government, we are considered very low income, we still find that we have everything we need any many extras that I am amazed we can afford.  It just leaves me hoping that those mothers out there who are wanting to embrace this life (wether you are talking being home with their kids or having more than the politically correct number of children) will let go of the fears and jump in with two feet. Because even though I never realized I'd be juggling so much craziness at once (yes, even the multiple injuries involving blood, ambulances, and bandages in one week aren't that big of a deal anymore), I truly would not want our life to be any different.

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Ashley M. said...

When you posted a few weeks ago wondering what people would like to see you write about, I typed up a response that went something like: I'm face first in the toilet and exhaustion that is 1st trimester. My toddler just hit me in the head with a matchbox car. Again. Just a moment later I realized that said matchbox car was wet. And it was wet because it was just in the toilet a moment before it was on my face. I just fibbed to my 6 year old that there was no soccer tonight because the husband hasn't been home for 2 weeks, I'm exhausted, and the thought of sitting in a muddy field entertaining the other kids for 2 hours makes me want to crumple up and cry right now. And I get this panicky feeling when I look at the slim bank account knowing that there's another mouth to feed on the way. Write about that, because something tells me you might know something about all that stuff.

I deleted it because I thought it sounded too whiney and unappreciative of the many blessings that I have. Because I am giddy with gratitude most of the time, but sometimes mom just gets a little crazy. You know. But apparently you got the message anyway. :)