Friday, June 27, 2014

Cherry Picking

We headed out to Whittier Farms for our annual cherry picking expedition. I love that this place is small and family run. No higher prices to allow for touristy crap. And it's where Bryan worked last summer so we get to enjoy people actually knowing us a wee bit.

 I wasn't able to get too many pictures  before my camera died. I fear that this time it just might be dead, dead. Hoping not but we shall see. Given that Alan's camera only focuses half the time and mine only works when it wants to, I think we may need to start shopping for cameras again. Sigh.

We now have a bit more than 30 lbs of cherries to eat and process this weekend.  A say a bit more because they did give us a slight discount. Yet another thing I like about small family run places. The folks running the register have the ability to do such things for you just because.

And I think I heard a couple of kids talking about going out to check on the cherries in our yard and the raspberry bushes. Not that I think any of that will make it into the  house.


Dirtdartwife said...

why not invest in a smart phone? Camera available on it. One less thing to worry about. And it doesn't have to be super high tech either.

Cheryl said...

A smart phone would require an upgrade to our phone service and I'm just not interested in that. To get the pictures off the phones, you use your minutes and when you only have 60 minutes a month, it's not worth it. I've found some inexpensive cameras. I'll just be way more careful about loaning the camera to children. But honestly, we can't add the extra expense of a smart phone to our budget.