Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Week

I've been rather quiet because we've been busy.  On Saturday, 2 sheep were slaughtered, skinned, gutted, and hung.  Yes, most of the kids helped with it. They seem to like that sort of thing.  Even Ellie seems ok with it given her constant banter later that night regarding the dead sheep and how it no longer had a head and we would be eating it.

On Sunday, said sheep were butchered.  One is now in our freezer and the second one was picked up by a friend on Monday.
On Monday the boys' bedroom was painted in preparation for a construction project. On Tuesday a set of triple bunk beds went up in their room.  Between using paint from the oops section at the hardware store and doing all of the building ourselves, the project was very inexpensive.  The paint was about $13 for 2 gallons and the wood and hardware for the beds was around $160.  We also had to buy a new stud finder and a few extra things that day so we spent a bit more than that but it was still a rather inexpensive trip.  Now we just need to buy another mattress for the beds and are planning to put a similar set of beds up in the girls' room in a few weeks.
Tuesday also left us with our 4th trip to urgent care this year as Ellie fell backwards out of a chair and cut her head open.  We tried medical super glue on her head but she wouldn't stay still and it just didn't work so she ended up with 2 staples in her head.

Several kids are now/still sick so I'm hoping we can just enjoy a couple of quiet days at home now and let everyone rest up.

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