Friday, September 6, 2013

Pictures from our World

Just a few recent pictures from our life lately. Here's  the helicopter Gabe built by himself using the directions in his LEGOClubJr magazine.  If you have LEGO fans in your house, LEGO offers both a regular and a Jr. version of their magazine for free. You have to request a new subscription every two years or so but it's free and all my kid have loved it.
Some of the peaches off our trees this year. This was an awesome year for the peach crop. Sadly the week the kids picked most of the peaches, I got super sick, Alan was out of town, and we were unable to can them.  Truly heart breaking sad to have wasted them.  Seriously. I guess next time I'll try to call a friend to help can them so they don't go to waste.
A special Reese's Pieces snack to go with movie night. You can find the recipe here.
Because we were watching this movie.  I'm liking the idea of themed snacks for movie night. Just might have to try to continue it when possible.

And our version of vanschooling. Or what happens when Mom really needs a break so Dad takes all the kids to karate.

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