Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple Picking

After processing all of the apples last week that I bought from the produce stand, you'd think I would want to avoid apple picking. But we went this past weekend (in the rain) and got a bunch more apples for the next few months.  Yes, apples will keep in the fridge that long if you store the proper variety.  I'll also be making a few more batches of applesauce, pie filling, apples and cheddar, and cinnamon spiced apples.  Depending on what is left at that point, we may dehydrate a few or try apple fruit leather.  It depends on how the week goes.
Robert was here but was hidden by a few older people.
Grandma and Grandpa even treated us to honey crisp apples which I've always refused to buy in the past because they are just too expensive.

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