Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Fun

The kids are enjoying the snow this year. I think having a working snowblower this year has helped the older kids enjoy the snow a bit more than last year.  Heck, makes me much happier. So far the van hasn't gotten stuck in the driveway once.  Of course, now it will probably get stuck tomorrow.

The kids have decided to try building a quinzhee in the backyard.  This means they are spending a lot of time outside digging and hauling snow.   Something tells me they are hoping for a bit more snow later this week.  Now I just need to convince them to break out the snow shoes and skis a bit this year.

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Dirtdartwife said...

I have a picture of me when I was a senior in highschool from me and my brother making one of those. Took us a bit of time but not much in building the height of it because we had had SO much snow that year. It was pretty neat. Glad the kids are having a great time in the snow!!