Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It feels lately like just about every time I turn around, something is going wrong. So I am trying to focus on the positive instead.  Somehow that seems not so easy. I have ahead of me a crazy week with a baby who rightly thinks it is her right to eat all the time.  Ok, I don't really mind that.  Babies are little for such a small time frame. Might as well enjoy it.  It does get a bit frustrating though when it seems like you can't ever do anything else because your baby needs you to sit and take care of her first.  Then again, maybe we've been selling women a flawed view of life over the past few generations when we've told them that there was anything more important for them to do in those first few months of their child's life other than sit and take care of them.

I am starting to think we will never again catch up on laundry.  Alan is convinced that since the Duggars have 4 washers and dryers and a family twice our size, that means we need 2 of each at least.  I'm sure it would help but biggest issue seems to be putting the clothes away after they are clean.  But we are incredibly lucky to have so many clothes that we have this issue in the first place.

Our state tax return has been "flagged for review."  What exactly this means, I don't know.  I only know that I have been told this could delay things by 60 days and I should respond immediately to any correspondence they send.  Something tells me I'd better dig up all of the kids' birth certificates so we can prove they are all our kids.  Maybe I should not have put off ordering a copy of Abby's because of the money the State of Missouri was demanding. 

We have a rather stressful weekend ahead of us.  I'm not exactly looking forward to spending time with folks who have told me that none of them like me or want to spend time with me.  Oh, but we like your kids and we'd love to see them.  Hm, why don't folks ever understand that it just does not work that way?  Then again, the function is not for my assorted relatives and I can easily focus on the reason for the gathering instead.  Besides, I will have my baby shield with me and you are never talking to yourself if you are holding a baby.  At least I can use that excuse while muttering to myself every now and again.

The yard looks rather beautiful covered in snow.  Although we have now had several cars get stuck in the driveway.  We were doing so well this year.  Then the pizza delivery guy hit a drift and went into the yard.  Took at least 10 minutes to help get him out.  Then Alan hit a drift and got stuck.  Again took at least 10 minutes to free his car. Van almost got stuck yesterday but I was able to back out of the driveway and take a "running start" at getting back up again.  The mail carrier abandoned all efforts at getting up the driveway this morning and decided to just walk the box to the house.  Funny thing is the driveway was just plowed out this morning.  But I'm thankful that we have shovels and able bodied young men to help get us out of these situations. 

Dinner is actually going in the crockpot at the moment.  Somehow a breaker got tripped and the plugs in the kitchen shut off this morning so it was almost noon before I realized that dinner was not in fact actually cooking.  But at least now I have figured what one more of the unlabeled switches in the breaker box actually belongs to.  Small steps, maybe by the time we move out of this house we'll have figured out what they are all for.  Likely not since the wiring in this house is very screwy.  I've lost count of the number of light switches we have that do not actually have anything connected to them.

Enough random babbling.  Focus on the positive. That is my hope and goal for the rest of the week.  Seriously, wish me luck.

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Dirtdartwife said...

Did K lose a tooth? she looks dreamy in that picture. Little E looks so adorable!

I don't envy you a bit for your gathering. I think I know which one you have to go to and I hope you can enjoy at least the idea behind the gathering. That whole "smile and wave boys, just smile and wave" will work great at that. :)

Hope everything works out on the taxes. How did you get them sent in already when the paperwork for people that own homes isn't out until the 14th? (or am I missing something on all that?)