Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Family Rosary Time

Attempts at the family rosary usually don't last long around here. I just don't think the yelling and fighting and craziness that ensues is at all inspiring. A near occasion of sin would be more like it. But I am going to attempt it again for Lent. I'm trying to work the younger ones up to a full rosary. What have I learned tonight? I need to work on basic prayers with the younger ones. The Hail Mary according to the younger ones is as follows:

    ~Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with me.~

Gotta love it. And check out these awesome roses made by Grandma to help the kids pray. They were so cool looking that even Gabe wanted to participate.

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Dirtdartwife said...

We have to start a decade a night tonight (Ash Wed). I'm sure *I* won't make it... but I love that idea of the roses. Knowing my kids, they'd use it like Hot Potatoes. "Here! Your turn!" Or they'd peg each other with them.