Monday, December 1, 2014

Been Busy

I've been gone for the past few weeks just busy keeping up with life. Halloween came and went with Seamus spending time in the hospital. So while the two of us were hanging out doing not much of anything, the kids dressed up at home and watched movies at home with Dad.
On Veteran's Day, we attended a flag pole dedication ceremony for a Boy Scout Eagle project.

Robert started karate lessons recently. He's in the Pee Wee level classes so he only attends class once a week and they focus mostly games and such. He's loving it.
Seamus is growing a bit and is loved by everyone. Poor kid really does not like formula at all but with all the medical intervention my milk supply has plummeted. It's quite annoying honestly since he loves breastmilk but I can't keep up with his needs. Hoping to find a way to improve this situation soon. Seamus not only does not care for the formula too much, it is making him miserable. Quite annoying all around.

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