Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Honey Butter Ambrosia

I saw this recipe for honey butter ambrosia several weeks ago and have been waiting for the chance to make it. In the end, Alan made it for us since Seamus is against Mom putting him down ever. This butter spread is super yummy. A bit on the sweet side and even with refrigeration, it stays soft, almost liquidy.  We'll have to make something to serve it with this weekend.
The recipe only calls for a cup of heavy cream so we had extra left. I realized the younger kids have not had the chance to make butter so we poured some of the leftover cream into a canning jar and set them to work. Yes, it is much quicker to make butter in a mixer but not anywhere near as much fun. Just don't use multiple glass jars and have the kids roll them to each other. They just might collide in the middle of the room and break.

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