Sunday, August 31, 2014

Introducing the Latest Edition

Just a quick note to say we welcomed our latest son last Sunday early in the morning.  Seamus Paul arrived 5 weeks early and spent a week in the hospital learning to eat. Ok, he knew how to eat. It's just that he's too tired to care much about it. A trying week of trying to convince the doctor and nurses that the biggest issue was the mandatory only feeding every 3 hours schedule in the NICU that is the absolute worst thing for breastfeeding newbies.  He was finally released on Saturday and is doing much better now that he's on Mom time and not NICU time.
We stopped by to visit my grandparents on the way home. A trip that confirms it doesn't matter how many little ones you have held. Each one still is a little miracle. Yup, kind of a blurry picture from Alan's phone. We weren't completely expecting to have the baby when we went to the office on Friday so we didn't pack the camera.

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