Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fixing the Ceiling

There was a leak in an upstairs bathroom. Ok, not a leak. The pipes under the sink kind of, well, disintegrated.  Something to do with years of well water.  I am so looking forward to when that happens to all the rest of the pipes. One at a time.  Seriously. We're talking fun.  So anyway.  I hear the kids telling me it is raining in the kitchen. Obviously not something you want to happen in your kitchen.  Repairs took a while and we lived with a big hole in the kitchen ceiling for a while. Then Alan and the older boys put up the new drywall.  This afternoon he and Kieran gave a stab at applying the texture to the ceiling. This is more difficult than it looks and will take another pass at it but just think of the things the boys are learning.

 Yes, this was a messy task.  Dust and spackle everywhere.  Lots of fun.

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