Friday, November 1, 2013

The Blurry Halloween Pics

My camera has been dropped a few times. You now have to turn it on and off repeatedly to get it to even attempt to focus properly.  And even then, it sometimes changes it's mind. As it did while we were taking pictures last night. But telling all the small people to stand still while we figure out the camera is just not happening so imagine the picture all sorts of clear and such things.
There were several last minute costume changes and in the end we had a princess, a chef, a pilot, a frontier girl, an astronaut, a boy scout, Indiana Jones, and 2 MiB.  I told the kids all costumes must come out of the dress-up box or stuff we had at home.  We attended a trunk or treat at a local parish that was sadly very small because from what I've been told, there has been a huge exodus from this parish as a fall-out from people being people.  And Father decided the two handing out candy resembled the Blue's Brothers so that's what he called them. A fun time was had by all, especially the younger ones who have only been trick or treating once before this.

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