Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monopoly House Party

We hosted a Monopoly House Party last night. Hasbro and HouseParty sent us an awesome party package that included 3 new board games, a monopoly card game, tattoos, monopoly key chains, a monopoly pet bowl (otherwise known as an awesome bowl for salsa), cups, and coupons.

I will say we had an awesome group of folks come over. While the younger kids were playing CandyLand and the littles two girls were playing with the baby dolls, the older kids were playing monopoly and connect four.

I was rather happy to see everyone playing together with no thought given to ages or that dreaded boy vs girl thing. Something I can't ever recall seeing often growing up myself but am thrilled to see being cultivated in my own kids.
Thanks to HouseParty and Hasbro for letting us host such a fun evening and thanks to our friends for hanging out with us.

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