Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Post in Which I Brag About My Husband

For just a little bit.  No, I'm not biased or anything but I really think you should order this book.  Why? Because it is a great collection of stories for the young adults in your life.  Yes, everything passes the appropriateness test in this house because, well, one of the book's editors lives here.  So it's something our kids will be reading, I promise.
And if you do buy a copy, you'll let me know that all the hours he spent away from us locked in some dark corner of the house banging his head against a wall over the past few years was worth it.

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millie1423 said...

Bought the book but had to contact the publisher because we received a notice that they were sending a different title. Hopefully it was straightened out. They said they were very glad we contacted them. Haven't received the book yet.