Monday, November 8, 2010

Smart Martha's:Catholic Guide for Busy Moms

 I recently read Smart Martha's: Catholic Guide for Busy Moms.  This wonderful little book is chock full of tips and ideas to help you in your vocation as a mom.  Many of us struggle with finding a balance between having a neat, organized, perfect looking home and finding time to spend time with our children.  The more kids you add to the family, the harder this balance is to maintain.  In this book, Tami Kiser gives you lots of small ideas to help keep things running smoothly.

One of the best reminders for me in this book was the thought that you only have one chance to raise your children.  This reminder was coupled with the question of what do you want your children to remember of their time in your home.  We all hope for the perfect home on some level but even more important is to stop and spend time with your kids.  If you take the time to implement just a few of the suggestions in this book, you will find that you are able to more easily relax and spend that time with your kids.

This book was reassuring to me as we prepare to welcome our ninth child.  With each new child comes a bit of concern over how we will be able to manage to meet the needs of all of our children without having the house fall down around our ears.  We have already started to use a few of the tips in this book and hope to implement a few more in the weeks ahead.  More importantly, in some way this book gave me permission to sit down guilt free with the kids and simply enjoy being with them.  Even if there is still laundry to fold or a room to clean up somewhere.  For parents everywhere wondering how to manage to the demands of family and home, this book will be guaranteed to have at least one tip you can use to make things easier on your family.

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